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Adding text (really) inside pictures and videos

In the image above and the video below, the left character partially hides the text. In this post, I show how to automatically create such effect with a pretrained deep learning model and traditional computer vision techniques. I focus here on the general approach and you can see the implementation details (and create your own videos!) with the... Read more

Simulating Depth Perception with Face Tracking

Motion parallax is created by the apparent relative motion of objects when an observer moves. It’s one of the monocular cues that enable depth perception. I created a demo to simulate this phenomenon thanks to TensorFlow.js and three.js. Just show me the demo! Detecting the orientation of the camera/face axis Detecting the distance betwe... Read more

What Are the Ethical Risks of Your AI Project?

How to prevent AI systems from causing unintended harms? AI systems may cause unintended harms and their increasing adoption leads to additional risks and scrutiny. In this blog post, I present tools project teams can use to identify ethical concerns associated with their AI use cases. I first illustrate why this is so challenging, I then discu... Read more

Learning through Auxiliary Tasks

Play, a seemingly futile activity, is ubiquitous in human cultures and very widespread in the animal kingdom, which suggests it serves an important purpose Update: this blog post was expanded into a paper with more explanations and additional experiments. In this post, I’d like to illustrate how auxiliary tasks can be beneficial for machine le... Read more